Daily Survey

Belgrade, August 07, 2012



NICOSIA, August 07 (Tanjug) – Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic will pay Tuesday a one-day visit to Nicosia, where he will meet with Cyprus President Dimitrios Christofias and Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Markoulis. This is the first official visit Mrkic will pay since assuming office. Cyprus on July 1 took over six-month European Union presidency, during which one of its highest priorities will be further EU enlargement.


BELGRADE, August 07 (Tanjug) – Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic congratulated Ivica Dacic on appointment as the Serbian prime minister and pointed out that the Croatian government is strongly committed to the continuation of mutual cooperation and development of good neighbourly relations with a view to achieving joint interests, the media cooperation bureau released on Monday.On behalf of the Croatian government and myself, I want to extend sincere congratulations to you over the appointment as the Serbian prime minister, Milanovic stated.He underscored that the Croatian government is strongly committed to the continuation of mutual cooperation and development of good neighbourly relations with a view to achieving mutual interests.Having in mind the importance of regional cooperation and reinforcement of stability in south-east Europe, I believe that active cooperation between the two governments and personal contributions can provide a significant encouragement to this end, Milanovic said in the note of congratulations.


BERLIN, PRISTINA, August 07 (Tanjug) – German Health Minister Daniel Bahr has announced the possibility of amending a federal law after organ transplant scandals at German clinics, at the same time as Der Spiegel weekly reports about following two organ trafficking trails that lead to Germany.



KOSTOLAC, August 08 (Tanjug) – Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday the country could not overcome the economic crisis through budget cuts and austerity, but with new projects and investments.Serbia needs to develop what it has first and foremost, and that is energy, mining, agriculture, infrastructure and construction, he pointed out."The way out should be sought in new projects, creation of new jobs and investment spending," he said at Viminacium, an archeological site near Kostolac, eastern Serbia, during a ceremony marking Miners' Day and day of the Kostolac mining and power company.Energy is almost the only branch of industry that has had a positive record and it is a great development opportunity for Serbia, he stated, adding that was precisely why miners were not just digging up ore, but moving their environment forward.Dacic said he wished to lead Serbia out of the crisis and set up a foundation for Serbia's economic and general progress, because it was the only way forward.Minister of Energy, Development and Environment Zorana Mihajlovic pointed out the significance of Miners' Day for Serbia, explaining that the country got 50 percent of its power from coal, which was something to keep in mind.


BOR, August 07 (Tanjug) – Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning Milan Bacevic stated during his visit to the copper mining and smelting complex Bor (RTB Bor) in eastern Serbia that the aim of the new Serbian government and the company's management is to export final products and not raw ore, and announced that the government would provide assistance to the development of the basin.He told reporters that the talks with RTB Bor demonstrated a great ambition in this respect.RTB Bor is the flywheel of the entire eastern Serbia and our final goal is to set up production of copper-based final products through new technological processes, the export of which would bring greater income that would contribute to general well-being of Serbian citizens, Bacevic said.He underscored that mines within RTB Bor complex need assistance to create conditions for expanding and improving the research process which should demonstrate where the necessary ore for exploitation and processing is located in Serbia.The Serbian government and competent ministries will provide the necessary assistance to the Bor basin because the complex records revenues greater than are achieved elsewhere, that is, to the amount which could pull the country out from the current crisis most easily and at the fastest pace, the minister stated.He expressed satisfaction that the works on the new smelting plant would be completed soon, and underscored that from now on, the working conditions would be much better, production scope would be larger and revenues achieved would be higher.


BOR, August 07 (Tanjug) – Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic stated that by the end of August a council for Serbia's economic revival will be formed, adding that it will propose ideas and measures for the country's economic recovery.In an interview for Tanjug, Dacic said that the council will comprise economists, businesspeople and bankers - all who can employ their knowledge and experience to help Serbia prosper.The prime minister said that these people know what the economy needs in order to spring back to life and can find ways to preserve the current and create new jobs.He noted that members of this council will work pro bono.Energy and mining are among the priorities of the Serbian government, an area that should get the most investment, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said Monday."The miners are not only digging ore, but are also getting Serbia moving. I am pleased that the RTB Bor (mining and smelting) basin has achieved a positive result and its momentum should be used for further development. Where mines die out the whole town dies out with it as well," Dacic said in Bor, a town in eastern Serbia that he and Ministers Mladjan Dinkic and Milan Bacevic visited to celebrate national Miners' Day, April 6.Dacic said that RTB Bor was Serbia's significant competitive advantage and hence there should be further investment in the basin and in revitalizing other factories dependent on the Bor basin, as that should step up the development of the entire region, strategically very important for the country."Bor has a strategic importance for Serbia and that is why the government decided to help Bor get back on its feet after the many unsuccessful privatization attempts," he said, adding that RTB Bor has not only stood to its feet, but also achieved a positive operating result of USD 40 million last year.He noted that a EUR 250 million investment cycle had been launched and that RTB Bor should help other companies recover to keep the population in the region, said Dacic.The solution for the number of government agencies will be reached in consultation with the European Commission (EC), and during the drafting of the 2013 budget, it will be determined which agencies will remain, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said in Bor (eastern Serbia) on Monday.Dacic told journalists that it had been agreed that the number of agencies would be determined by the year's end."It is not possible to abolish something that is stipulated in the budget. In the draft budget for 2013, it will be obvious which agencies will stay on in the coming period, and which will be restructured," Dacic said.We will do that in consultation with the EC, as many agencies have been formed on the model of European agencies, the prime minister underlined.Dacic said in Bor (eastern Serbia) that Serbia has no time to lose on small steps, or steps back, but that the country must go forward.That is the motto of the incumbent government, Dacic underlined at the opening of renovated hotel Jezero near Lake Bor, and presentation of the prizes to the best miners on the occasion of August 6- Miners' Day.The fight for every job is the fight for the future, Dacic said.Today, it is important to restore trust in the things that Serbia possesses, Dacic said, noting that the field of energy and mining offers greatest development prospects.At the same time, Dacic underscored that the government should take care of the citizens' health and called for environmental protection investments.Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning Milan Bacevic voiced hope that the copper mining and smelting complex located in Bor (RTB Bor) would achieve even greater results in the future, and expand its offer on the national and world markets by using new technologies.Minister of Finance and Economy Mladjan Dinkic said that the country is in a rather difficult situation."We are in for a challenging job, and if we receive backing from the entire nation, and this government is willing to change things for the better, Serbia will be in a more favourable situation in four years' time," Dinkic said.He pledged that the Serbian government would further invest in the domain, and assist miners in purchasing new gear so as to make things easier for them.Dinkic said that the government would also strive to develop accompanying industry, as the price of simple metal is the lowest.


BRUSSELS, August 07 (Tanjug) – Amendments to the law on the National Bank of Serbia are threatening the independence of the main monetary institution and represent a step backwards in relation to the EU, Peter Stano, spokesman for the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fuele said Monday.