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Belgrade, May 11, 2012



STRASBOURG, May 11 (Tanjug) - Despite Kosovo's wish to become a member of the Council of Europe (CoE), it will take the country years to achieve that goal, Tanjug learnt from diplomatic sources.
Even if there was no serious resistance from certain CoE members, the admission procedure is very complicated and often lasts for years, a European diplomat who wanted to stay anonymous told Tanjug.
The diplomat said that it took Serbia three years to be admitted to the CoE, which brings together 47 European countries, including Turkey, Russia and some Central Asian countries.
The anonymous source said this commenting on media speculations about Kosovo opening its office in Strasbourg in order to pave the way for its CoE admission.
The assumption is based on the fact that 37 CoE members have recognized the independence of Kosovo and that some of the countries advocate that Kosovo becomes a member of the Council as soon as possible.
However, decisions in the CoE are not reached by outvoting but by consensus and it is expected that not only Serbia and Russia but also many other countries will be against Kosovo's admission.