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Belgrade, August 13, 2012



LONDON, August 11 (Tanjug) - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic told British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London on Saturday that Serbia expects to get a date for the start of the EU talks as soon as possible.
Dacic and Hague discussed Serbia's EU pathway, the issue of Kosovo and the development of the two countries' bilateral relations.
"The talk was very constructive and unlike some previous meetings which focused on the topics related to our European pathway and relations with Pristina, this time we agreed that the Great Britain and Serbia should improve their bilateral relations in the area of trade and combat against crime," the Serbian PM said after the meeting.
In the talks with Hague, Dacic invited his British counterpart David Cameron to visit Serbia."Nobody remembers when the last British prime minister visited Belgrade, and we know that it was Margaret Thatcher," Dacic noted.
He said that the new government's position is to continue the EU integration, and insist on strict respect of all agreements with Pristina."Things should be clear, we are not going to lie either to the international community or our people. The agreements that have been reached need to be implemented, and we cannot agree on one thing and later have something completely different," Dacic concluded.


BANJA LUKA, August 13 (Tanjug) - Serbian Parliament Speaker Nebojsa Stefanovic stated Monday that Serbia has never asked for anything beyond the Dayton Agreement nor will ever do so, and added that the country is ready to protect the interests of Republika Srpska (RS) in keeping with the document.
Stefanovic told Glas Srpske that mutual trust and good cooperation are recommendation for more frequent and open contacts with everyone, including high officials of the international community in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH).
"We have never had any obstacles for this or any other kind of cooperation with representatives of the international community in BiH," he pointed out.
Stefanovic pointed out that Serbia will endeavor to have the best possible relations with all regional countries.
"I believe there is room to enhance economic cooperation between our two countries, as well as with the countries Serbia adjoins. The current exchange with RS is heading in the right direction, and I believe there is significant room for improvement of exchange in the field of agriculture, energy and all other strategically important areas," the Serbian parliament speaker said.
Stefanovic added he expects Monday's meeting with his RS counterpart Igor Radojicic in Belgrade will discuss promoting the interparliamentary cooperation and other aspects of cooperation between Serbia and RS.


BELGRADE, August 13 (Tanjug) - Minister of Internal Trade, Telecommunications and Information Society Rasim Ljajic said on Monday Serbia needed an arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and that the talks were not focused on ultimatums but were negotiations, agreements and compromises regarding important economic issues.
"They (the IMF) are not bringing a list of demands we have to meet. That is an issue of our internal economic policy, and the Ministry of Finance is already preparing a set of anticrisis measures to be presented in September," Ljajic, who is also a deputy prime minister, told RTS.
"I think we need an arrangement with the IMF and that it is a confirmation that the course the government is on when it comes to the macroeconomic policy is the right one, that it affects the country's credibility, provides free assistance and an opportunity to get cheap loans," Ljajic remarked.
"There is no need for anyone from outside to come and see the situation, define it and say we have to do something. It is certain that we have to do many things, maybe even some extremely unpopular things, in order to preserve the macroeconomic stability and reduce the deficit and public debt," Ljajic stated.
According to Ljajic, the economy cannot recover and employment cannot grow if export does not rise and Serbia does not get foreign investments.