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Belgrade, May 17, 2012



BELGRADE, May 16 (Tanjug) - Businessmen from Serbia presented the potentials of the domestic economy to the companies from South America and discussed possible forms of economic cooperation at the first meeting of businessmen from South America and Central and Eastern Europe held in Vienna Wednesday.In direct talks and workshops they took part in with their colleagues from South America, the Serbian representatives established business contacts with numerous companies and institutions, which should contribute to the promotion of economic cooperation, Tanjug learned at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS).In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, PKS organized the participation of the Serbian delegation in the event, taking into account the enormous potential of the South American markets and relatively low volume of trade between Serbia and those countries. The meeting was attended by over 400 representatives from 37 countries.The South American market encompasses over 380 million people, which is about 6 percent of the global population, and is marking an accelerated economic growth.The South American economy was represented by 126 participants from 11 countries, including the representatives of the fastest growing world economies. Those countries are Brazil, which is the world's ninth largest economy, Argentina, the fastest growing economy in 2011, and Venezuela, Director of the PKS Representative Office in Austria Vera Vidovic stressed.Special emphasis at the business meetings in Vienna from May 14-16 was placed on the role of chambers of commerce in encouraging and strengthening economic cooperation between their members, and between chambers themselves.


BELGRADE, May 16 (Tanjug) - Serbia is a politically stable country open to investments, President of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Milan Jankovic told the Tunisian business officials who met with representatives of Serbian companies on Wednesday."Serbia offers you, and I can vouch for that, a stable political system in a Balkan country. Also, we offer you a stable tax system with the lowest rates in the region," Jankovic noted, adding that Serbian companies expected the same treatment in Tunisia. The extremely energetic and hard-working Tunisian embassy has ensured such a relationship both with the government and the economy, Jankovic remarked.Commenting on the business environment in the country, he said that Serbia had built merchandise distribution systems according to the highest European and world standards, that the people had got used to buying good merchanidse and that the salaries were not so low as to make it impossible to buy good merchandise.However, he stressed that Serbian companies lacked business partners, adding that they could be found among Tunisian employers. The direct air connection between Tunisia and Belgrade can also help improve the two countries' economic cooperation, he stated.The comparative advantages of the two economies could only strengthen that cooperation, he pointed out, stressing that Tunisian companies could find interest in the fact that Serbia was a member of CEFTA, a market with 30 million potential consumers of goods and services.Tunisian Ambassador Ammar Ben Lamine also attended the meeting at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.


BAKU, May 16 (Tanjug) - The Azerbaijan-Serbia Business Forum, organized by the Azerbaijani Export and Investment Promotion Foundation and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, started in Baku Wednesday with the participation of 15 Serbian companies engaged in construction, agriculture and tourism.Economic relations between Serbia and Azerbaijan are not at the same high level as the political ones, Serbian Ambassador to Baku Zoran Vajovic stated, adding that the improvement of those relations is one of top priorities.Vajovic said that Serbia is intested in developing economic cooperation with Azerbaijan in agricultural, construction, pharmaceutical, tourism and other industries. President of the Azerbaijani Export and Investment Promotion Foundation Adil Mammadov assessed that events such as this one contribute to the strengthening of cooperation.


BUJANOVAC , May 16 (Tanjug) - An unknown assailant or more of them fired a barrage of bullets at a police checkpoint facility in the village of Dobrosin, ethnically pure Albanian and part of the municipality of Bujanovac in southern Serbia, at about 3 a.m. Thursday spokesman for the police department of the city of Vranje told. "The attack on the police or the police checkpoint at three o'clock at night is a terrorist act," said Stamenkovic, noting that he cannot give any other details about the attack at this point.The Dobrosin village, where there is a checkpoint between central Serbia and Kosovo, is located about 16 kilometers southwest of Bujanovac.The village is known for being the place of creation of the so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja in early January 2000.