Daily Survey

Belgrade, August 21, 2012



BELGRADE, Aug 21 (Tanjug) – First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Aleksandar Vucic began Tuesday his visit to the Russian Federation, where he will meet with Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defense industry.According to the Serbian government's office for media, Vucic will stay in Russia until August 23, and he and Rogozin will talk about promoting the two countries' cooperation in the field of defense and other fields of mutual interest.While in Russia, Vucic will tour defense industry facilities and learn about the development of Russia in this field.


BELGRADE, Aug 21 (Tanjug) – Kragujevac, Nis, and Novi Pazar have their offices in Brussels, so Vojvodina should definitely have one too, that is beyond question, said Suzana Grubjesic, deputy prime minister for EU integration.In the Law on establishing the competencies of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the term 'representative office' should be change into 'office'. That solution would be in line with the decision of the Constitutional Court, Grubjesic said to daily Danas. Another daily, Vecernje Novosti, noted that with a view to easing the newly created stalemate after the Constitutional Court had decided to suspend 22 competencies of the autonomous province, the ruling coalition in Vojvodina started drafting proposals which would be put forward to the Serbian government in September.In view of that, president of the Vojvodina government Pajtic held meetings with several closest associates on Monday, the daily writes."The officials are looking for a solution that would allow the Vojvodina administration to keep its office in Brussels, and continue to assist mothers-to-be, pensioners, and vulnerable beneficiaries," the Belgrade daily noted.One of the proposals will be to change the name of the office in Brussels so that it could operate within the Mission of Serbia in that town, and apply for EU funds, the daily adds.


BELGRADE, Aug 21 (Tanjug) – Parliament Speaker Nebojsa Stefanovic and Belarus Ambassador to Serbia Vladimir Chushev announced Monday that the two countries' parliamentary cooperation will be intensified, and agreed that it is necessary to create an atmosphere which would facilitate contacts and cooperation between businessmen.Although the two countries already have traditionally good relations, Stefanovic underlined that there is a basis for further strengthening of their inter-parliamentary cooperation, and the need to open paths of economic cooperation, which is an imperative for Serbia, the Serbian parliament stated.Stefanovic also advocated creation of an atmosphere which would enable businessmen to make contacts more easily, and appear in third markets together, and suggested that the parliament should also encourage the two countries' economic cooperation.The Serbian official announced that a friendship group with Belarus will be formed in Serbia's top legislative body in the coming period.Stefanovic underlined that he really appreciates the position of Belarus and its parliament in view of debatable issues relating to Kosovo-Metohija and adherence to UN Security Council Resolution 1244.Congratulating Stefanovic on his election, Chushev expressed belief that his appointment to the position of parliament speaker will contribute to the development of traditional, friendly ties between the two parliaments in the interest of both Serbia and Belarus.Ambassador Chushev qualified the two countries' cooperation as equally successful in all political, cultural and economic areas.The Belarus ambassador also expressed satisfaction over the increase in the two country's trade, hoping that the countries' chambers of commerce will intensify their cooperation, which has been good even so far.



BELGRADE, Aug 21 (Tanjug) – The Serbian government sees dialogue as the only possibility for finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the numerous problems in Kosovo and Metohija, the director of the Office of the government of Serbia for Kosovo and Metohija Aleksandar Vulin said Monday meeting with the head of the OSCE Mission Dimitrios Kypreos.Vulin thanked the OSCE mission for its endeavors for preventing the eviction of the Center for Peace and Tolerance in Pristina, as well as for its successful efforts for organizing the Serbian parliamentary elections in the province, which were held last May.He particularly emphasized that he appreciates the good cooperation the government of Serbia has with the OSCE, based on status neutrality, it was announced by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija.


BELGRADE, Aug 21 (Tanjug) – Head of the Serbian government office for EU integration Milan Pajevic said on Monday Belgrade's participation in regional meetings where Pristina was attending as well was important because any exclusion from current procešes would damage Serbia's interests.