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Belgrade, July 24, 2012



BELGRADE, July 23 (Tanjug) - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic told UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon Monday that Serbia wanted the talks with the interim authorities in Pristina to be held with the presence of UN representatives in the future.
According to a release from the president's press office, during his talks with the secretary general of the world organization, Nikolic pointed out that the UN should play a more active role in the fight to preserve the principles of international law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of internationally recognized states that were also UN member states and in facilitating the implementation and respect of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.
When it comes to the situation in the southern Serbian province, Nikolic said that recent frequent incidents stirred by the government in Pristina were an attempt to provoke the Serbian side before the dialogue resumed.
Nikolic once again urged the international actors in Kosovo, including the mission of the United Nations, to discharge their duties in accordance with the mandates given to them and to ensure peace and security for all citizens of the province.
Ban expressed satisfaction with his visit to Belgrade, adding that he felt confident that the Republic of Serbia would make a full contribution to the work of the UN, especially in the year to follow, when Vuk Jeremic will chair the UN General Assembly.


BELGRADE, July 23 (Tanjug) - Serbian Foreign Minister and newly elected chairman of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic said Monday that Kosovo and Metohija is a province within Serbia according to its Constitution and the Resolution 1244 of UN Security Council.
He also pledged that during his presidency of the General Assembly, he will behave in accordance with the rules and procedures of the organization.
After his meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon, Jeremic was asked by Tanjug whether Kosovo's aspirations to become a member of the UN was mentioned in the talk.
He said he expects all international factors to respect the Resolution 1244, if not the Constitution of Serbia.
When it comes to UN membership of a territory on which there is disagreement, these rules are not particularly favorable to the secessionist territory, especially the territories that are under UN mandate, as is the case of Kosovo and Metohija, Jeremic said. He reiterated that Serbia will behave in accordance with these rules.
Jeremic said that Serbia has a clear national policy that is enshrined in the Constitution and that leaves no room for political activities other than commitment to its territorial integrity. He said that he would chair the UN General Assembly in a fair way and abiding by the rules.
The fight to protect the territorial integrity is our constitutional, political, moral and historical obligation, which, I believe, the future government will continue, he said.
Kosovo and Metohija is a province within Serbia under the Constitution and its sovereignty was confirmed in Resolution 1244, he noted. Serbia therefore expects all international factors to respect, if not the Constitution of Serbia, then Resolution 1244, Jeremic said.


BELGRADE, July 23 (Tanjug) - UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon Monday stressed the importance of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and of the need to reach a solution through compromise.
Both sides should continue making progress through dialogue in order to improve the lives of ordinary people and move ahead toward a European future to which they aspire together.
Ban, who arrived on his first official visit to Serbia as part of his tour of the Balkan region, pointed out that the promotion of cooperation and reconciliation and resolution of problems through dialogue was essential for the Western Balkans.
These are of vital importance and a prerequisite for the region to move forward on its path to the European Union, Ban said.
The UN are committed to supporting the region, he said after meeting with Foreign Minister and newly elected Chairman of the UN General Assembly (UN GA) Vuk Jeremic.
Ban observed that 20 years ago the region had been a region of conflicts and today its countries focused on contributing to peace. The UN was once engaged in resolving conflicts, while today it focuses on helping build the future through partnerships, he added.
Jeremic recalled the fact that 20 years ago, Serbia had been expelled from the UN, and today it came back to chair the UN General Assembly.
20 years ago, Serbia was in a situation to have its membership of the UN GA suspended and it was very difficult for us, but now, twenty years later, Serbia is back to lead the General Assembly, said Jeremic.
We will not betray the trust vested in us, Jeremic said at a joint news conference with Ban Kimoon after their meeting at the Serbian Foreign Ministry building. In the year to come, Serbia will play an important role and to gain the trust of the world has been a great honor, he added.
The secretary general of the world organization said he was pleased that Jeremic had been elected Chairman of the UN General Assembly.
It is a huge responsibility, Ban Kimoon said, adding that Jeremic will have to deal with issues of global significance and that he believes Jeremic will be able to respond to global challenges. In this context, it is important to be above national interests, said Ban, stressing that Jeremic could count on strong support from the UN.


BELGRADE, July 24 (Tanjug) - Prime minister designate Ivica Dacic suggested Monday to UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon that Belgrade becomes an open regional seat of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
Dacic, who is incumbent and candidate for future interior minister, discussed with Ban the fight against organized crime, terrorism and corruption.
Dacic told Tanjug that during the talks, he expressed belief that the cooperation between the Serbian Interior Ministry and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime would be continued.
On Monday, during his first visit to Belgrade, Ban also conferred with President Tomislav Nikolic and newlyappointed President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic.
The UN Secretary-General also met with Democratic Party leader Boris Tadic.