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Belgrade, April 26, 2012



BELGRADE , April 25 (Tanjug)- The Museum of Serbian Diplomacy opened Wednesday in Belgrade, with Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic saying that diplomatic efforts have greatly improved Serbia's image in the world.
The museum which presents two centuries of Serbian diplomacy opened at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of Tadic and Jeremic, former deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic and Minister of Culture Predrag Markovic. The ceremony was also attended by members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic and directors of the Serbian and Yugoslav archives, the National Library and other institutions which actively participated in preparing the exhibit.
In his address, Jeremic said Serbia still had four foreign policy priorities: EU integration, resolving the Kosovo issue, regional cooperation and economic diplomacy.
Summarizing the achievements and activities of Serbian diplomacy throughout history, Jeremic said Serbia was once again visible and active in the international arena and acted as host to major international events, such as the NonAligned Movement Summit last year or the OSCE Summit in 2015. He expressed belief Serbia would be successful on its European path and noted that for the first time in history, an issue such as Kosovo was only being solved through peaceful means.


BELGRADE, April 25 (B92)- Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said Wednesday he was convinced Serbia would be chosen in June to preside over the UN General Assembly next year.
Vuk Jeremic said Serbia was the top candidate for the office, whose holder will be elected by the General Assembly, adding it would receive the support of a considerable majority of countries.
"The country which presides over the General Assembly will be at the heart of international events, which will give it an opportunity to talk with everyone and solve open issues," candidate for the UN General Assembly president told Belgradebased Pink TV.


WARSAW, April 26 (Tanjug)- Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic met Thursday in Warsaw with his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao, with whom he discussed continuation of political and economical cooperation under the strategic partnership between Serbia and China.
While in Poland, Cvetkovic will attend a meeting of the prime ministers of 16 countries of the central and southeastern Europe together with Jiabao.
The highlevel meeting will bring together the 16 prime ministers for a debate on the political and economic cooperation between the countries of the central and southeastern Europe and China, one of the fastest growing world economies.
The Warsaw meeting will also be attended by the prime ministers of Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland.
During his visit, Cvetkovic will also attend a Poland Central Europe China economic forum, which will be opened by Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Chinese prime minister Jiabao.
The forum will bring together 300 Chinese business people and around 450 companies from the central and southeast Europe, 300 of which from Poland.



PRISTINA, April 25 (Tanjug)- NATO started deploying additional troops in Kosovo due to the latest events in the northern part of the province and with an intention of preventing tensions ahead of the forthcoming Serbian elections, KFOR Deputy Spokesman Mark Stimmler stated.
An airplane carrying around 250 German soldiers from NATO's reserve units landed at the Pristina airport.
The troops will continue arriving until Monday, Stimmler stated.
He added that additional troops to the capacity of one battalion consist of 550 German and 150 Austrian soldiers.
Stimmler noted that new troops were deployed at the request by KFOR commander German General Erhard Drews and that the battalion would be under his direct command.
He said that the KFOR commander assessed that new troops were needed because of the existing tensions.
KFOR Spokesman Uwe Nowitzki also confirmed the arrival of the troops, in a written statement for Tanjug earlier today.
"The second battalion of the Operational Reserve Force has been activated and will deploy to Kosovo shortly," the statement reads.
Vienna and Berlin previously said they would deploy additional KFOR troops to Kosovo ahead of the elections, from the Operational Reserve Force, composed of Austrian and German soldiers.
According to the announcement, the troops will be stationed at points in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica and Albanian villages in the municipalities of Zvecan and Zubin Potok, where local elections are planned to be held. A total of 550 German and 150 Austrian soldiers should be deployed at the lines dividing the two ethnic communities in northern Kosovo.


NIS, April 25 (Tanjug)- Russian cargo aircraft Ilyushin transported Wednesday a total of 35 tons of humanitarian aid for the Serbs in Kosovo Metohija.
Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic expressed gratitude to Russian officials for the provided aid.
The aid does not only have a humanitarian significance, but also represents a symbolic message that the Serbian people in KiM are not alone and that they have friends, Dacic underlined. Dacic and Vladimir Puchkov, Russian Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, previously signed agreements enabling the start of operation of the Serbian Russian humanitarian quick response center in the event of natural disasters.