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Belgrade, August 29, 2012



BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Prime ministers of Serbia and Republika Srpska (RS), Ivica Dacic and Aleksandar Dzombic respectively, agreed Tuesday that the cooperation in all areas of social life between Serbia and (RS) should be made more concrete, especially in the economic field.
Dacic and Dzombic both believe that the provisions of the Dayton Accord have to be respected and that the document cannot be changed without the consent of all the three nations and both entities of Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH). After their meeting at the Serbian government headquarters, Prime Minister Dacic said he was not completely satisfied with the results of the cooperation between Serbia and Republika Srpska so far. "If we want real cooperation, it has to be realized through specific projects. This will be a priority of the Serbian government, and I hope of the RS government as well," said Dacic.
Dacic said that a new joint meeting between the two governments would be held in October, this time in the RS (the previous one was held in Belgrade in December 2011). "We agreed to work on a study on the complementarities between the Serbian and RS economies that would be the foundation for a longterm economic cooperation," said the Serbian prime minister.
Speaking about projects already underway, Dacic said that Serbia would finance two projects in the RS one in the field of railway transportation and the other in information technology, totaling around EUR 20 million.
The two officials also discussed road infrastructure projects, such as constructing bridges over the Drina River and connecting of highways or some lower capacity roads from Pojate in Serbia to Visegrad in the RS and introducing a scheduled airline flight from Belgrade, via Banja Luka to Vienna. "We agreed that an energy sector agreement covering projects in the central stretch of the Drina should be ratified as soon as possible. In addition to that, I sent a letter on behalf of the Serbian government to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request for the mine clearance operation, ongoing in Serbia for the past five years, to be expanded to include the RS since the (South Stream) pipeline will also branch off through it," Dacic said.
Agreeing with Dacic that this visit will further boost the Serbia RS cooperation, Dzombic thanked Serbia for assisting the RS in the realization of various projects and for the respect of the Dayton Accord.
The RS prime minister said that an Italian company was selected as a strategic partner for the "Central Drina" project, which includes plans to build four power plants worth between EUR 700 and 800 million.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Coordinator of the UN Development Program (UNDP) William Infante supported in talks with Serbian parliament Speaker Nebojsa Stefanovic the fight against corruption and organized crime, zero tolerance for irregularities in the administration and stressed the need for further reforms in the judiciary.
Infante said that it is important that the image of Serbia improves, stressing that this will certainly help achieve the economic interests of the country, a statement from the office of the parliament speaker said. UNDP will help strengthen the government and parliament credibility in the domestic as well as international public, and encourage further strengthening the role of the public in making parliamentary decisions, the statement said.
Stefanovic and Infante also discussed future UNDP assistance to the work of the Serbian parliament in the implementation of UNDP programs until 2015.
Special attention was devoted to the evaluation of projects of strengthening the responsibility of the Serbian parliament and of the oversight role and transparency of the parliament, on which the UNDP is working in close cooperation with the Serbian parliament. Stefanovic and Infante agreed on new forms of cooperation relating to the protection of human rights and the rights of the child, on which the UNDP and the Serbian parliament will work more intensely in the future.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon congratulated Ivica Dacic on assuming the office of prime minister, adding that the UN will remain Serbia’s partner in line with Security Council Resolution 1244.
I welcome your statement that you would like to resolve all open issues between Belgrade and Pristina as soon as possible. The United Nations will remain your partner in line with UN SC Resolution 1244, reads Ban’s congratulation note, as released by the Serbian government’s press office.
The UN secretary general added that he is encouraged by Dacic’s commitment to Serbia’s EU pathway.
He underlined that he appreciates firm commitment to cooperation with the United Nations, which Prime Minister Dacic proved while still in office of interior minister and deputy prime minister.
Along with congratulations, Ban also expressed gratitude to Dacic for the reception during his recent visit to Serbia.
I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the warm welcome and rich discussions during my official visit to Serbia on July 23 and 24, 2012. Allow me to officially congratulate you on your new office of prime minister that you assumed quickly after my departure, Ban underlined.



BELGRADE , August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbia's goal is to get a date for the start of entry talks by the end of this year or in the first half of 2013 at the latest, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday.
Dacic said that the message delivered by European Parliament Rapporteur on Serbia Jelko Kacin that Serbia would not obtain the date in 2012 was just his estimate, and noted that the rapporteur's warnings as to the need for reforms, and regarding dubious privatizations are in line with the government's policy. "Kacin's stance (on the date) is based on the question as to whether Serbia would have enough time, and whether the country would manage to do everything so as to secure the date, but we will spare no effort, and our goal is to obtain it by the end of this year of in the first half of 2013 at the latest," Dacic said at a press conference held at the Serbian government building.
Today's talks with Kacin have been constructive, Dacic said, noting that internal reforms are in the interest of Serbia, so it should keep working on them, and not just because it is the EU recommendation.
According to Dacic, the government's commitment in relation to dubious privatizations, about which Kacin spoke on Monday, is to review all of them and to see whether there had been certain misuses. "It turns out that we know that these privatizations are dubious, and one third of them have been cancelled. Regardless of the EU interest, and it certainly exists, we are committed to reviewing dubious privatizations, which I also made clear in my expose," Dacic stressed.


BELGRADE , August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic voiced expectation during his talks with European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur on Serbia Jelko Kacin that there would be no new conditions on Serbia's EU path.
"We expect that a start date for the entry talks with the EU will be determined soon, as the new government is firmly committed to continuing the implementation of internal reforms which are primarily in the interest of Serbia's citizens. The fierce fight against organized crime and corruption is one of the priorities of this government," Dacic, who is also minister of the interior, underlined.
The talks underscored that Serbia is a generator of regional cooperation, and that the Serbian government would strive to safeguard all the conditions for smooth running of independent regulatory bodies, the Serbian government announced.
During the meeting between Dacic and Kacin, it was announced that an EP delegation would visit Serbia in late September.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Suzana Grubjesic informed Tuesday European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin about the next steps Serbia is planning to take in the process of European integration.
Grubjesic said during the meeting that the new government has to speed up the European integration through its deeds and to turn the political will, which exists, into concrete actions.
We have to speed up the European integration in practice, but not because Brussels is asking us to do so, but rather because that is in the interest of Serbia and its citizens, she underlined.
It is also very important that Serbia actively defends its national interests through participation in regional forums, Grubjesic said.
She reiterated that it is not a good idea to make guesses regarding the date for the beginning of negotiations with the EU and whether the annual report of the European Commission will be positive or negative.
Kacin voiced hope that Serbia will continue with internal reforms because that is the best way to accelerate the accession into the EU.
The meeting was also attended by Director of the EU Integration Office Milan Pajevic.
Kacin started the visit in Novi Sad on Monday by saying that Serbia should not expect to get the start date for the accession talks by the end of the year. He explained in Zrenjanin and Belgrade later that the country's key problem was corruption within the system.
The start date for the accession talks will not come this year, and it will be announced when Serbia proves it is ready for the EU accession process, Kacin stated.
After meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Kacin said he and Nikolic had agreed the corruption within the system was a cancer of the society, but that he believed the current government and president could lead Serbia forward and that this was a requirement for the recovery of both the country and the region.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbian Minister of Justice and Public Administration Nikola Selakovic and European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin agreed in Belgrade Tuesday that strengthening the rule of law and its institutions were vital for Serbia's European integration.
"The path of strengthening the rule of law and its institutions coincides with the path of European integration of Serbia as on its path, Serbia has the same goals that all the EU countries pursued and attained earlier," Selakovic said during his meeting with Kacin.
He thanked the EU and the EP rapporteur for supporting Serbia in the process, stressing that joining the EU was a big task for the Ministry of Justice and the entire state administration. Kacin said that there were lots of various steps to be made in the European integration process in Serbia as well as in every country, one of which is to establish the rule of law, the Ministry of Justice said in a release Tuesday.
Kacin said his main duty was to criticize bad moves by the Serbian government, those which fail to meet European standards, but also to support its good decisions. Kacin expects he will be receiving good news from Serbia when it comes to establishing the rule of law, fighting corruption and organized crime and laying foundation for an efficient judicial system.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Members of the Anticorruption Council met Tuesday with European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin, from whom they received support to continue their work.
According to a Council statement, the meeting also focused on the rule of law, judicial reform and the controversial privatizations to which the Council pointed in its reports in recent years.
The Council, which is a government body, told Kacin it is working on new reports and received support from him to continue its work, the statement said.


BELGRADE, August 29 (Tanjug) - European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin, who met Tuesday with a few Serbian highranking government officials including Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, said that he was assured that Serbia will overturn its decision not to attend regional meetings where Kosovo is present, said Andrej Lavter, Kacin's assistant.
He said, as reported by Slovenian news agency STA, that Serbia will start to attend these meetings regardless of Kosovo's characterization after years of Kacin's warnings that failure to do so only hurt Serbia.
Dacic and Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration Suzana Grubjesic also told Kacin that the government will no longer be giving any dates or any promises to the citizens in view of Serbia's EU accession, but that it will get down to work, Lavter underlined.
As Lavter puts it, Serbian Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic assured Kacin that the contentious article of the country's penal code that could be abused for putting pressure on foreign investors would be annulled.
Lavter also said that Kacin will check on Serbia's progress in a month, when he is to visit the country with a delegation of the European Parliament.



BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) has organized the appearance of 7 Serbian companies at the largest automotive parts and equipment show in Russia, where innovations in that field are presented.
The show will be held in Moscow August 2730. More than 1,000 participants from 34 countries will present their work.
Thanks to the liberalization of the trade as part of the free trade agreement between Serbia and Russia, Serbian companies have great potential on the Russian market, proven by their great interest in the show and by the number of visits to the Serbian stand during the event's first day, SIEPA released.
Serbian companies will be able to make new contacts through this event and meet with their existing contacts in Moscow.
Serbia's stand, which won the show's award for best presented national stand last year, covers 70 square metres this year and comprises Corun Holding, Ewews Europe East, FAM, Mecafor Products, Prva Petoletka Promet, Trgoprevoz and Srboauto.
The show offers a broad exhibition spectrum, from the smallest components to important solutions in the field. The popularity is indicated by the fact that it is held this year at a larger location than in earlier years.
It used to be held in the Crocus Expo facilities, but this year it is held at Expo Centre, which is larger, closer to the centre of Moscow and more accessible. It has 42,000 square metres divided into 5 pavillions.


BELGRADE, August 28 (Tanjug) - Serbian president's advisor Predrag Mikic met Tuesday with representatives of the Chinese EXIM Bank and CRBC company to discuss their participation in the construction of the highway from Belgrade, Serbia, to the western border with Montenegro, called Corridor 11.
In this project, Serbia would benefit from a favorable financial arrangement with the involvement of local companies, the press service of the president announced. Serbia could receive part of the funds and preferential terms, the statement says.
There is a common desire to use the funds for major projects in infrastructure, energy and environmental protection, and Serbian and Chinese companies would work together on the projects, the statement says.
Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao announced in April 2012 in Poland that the People's Republic of China had allocated 10 billion dollars to support joint projects in Central and Eastern Europe, the statement recalls.