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Belgrade, April 30, 2012



BELGRADE, April 28 (Tanjug) - Around 1,500 people from Serbian and foreign organizations have applied with the state electoral commission to observe the May 6 parliamentary elections, and the deadline for applications expires April 30.
All organizations which applied have been allowed to monitor, including Cesid, Transparency Serbia (TS), OSCE, the Council of Europe, observers for Denmark, Norway, Japan, Tanjug learned from the commission.
Cesid and TS will have some 1,000 observers at the polling stations, while 150 foreign observers have been approved so far.
The commission said they expect foreign embassies would also seek permission to observe the elections, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Under the instructions for conducting parliamentary elections, a registered domestic organization can submit an application for no more than two adult Serbian citizens, who are not candidates for parliament, to monitor the election.
When it comes to foreign observers, they need to obtain a positive opinion from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to supply a list of persons who will act as observers.


BANJA LUKA, April 29 (Tanjug) - Serbia's Interior Minister Ivica Dacic received Saturday in Banja Luka a police award dubbed the Golden Sign, in recognition of the cooperation and efforts of the Serbian and Republika Srpska police forces in fighting modern security threats.
"I see the award I got today as a sign and recognition for very successful cooperation and a large number of joint police operations, which have improved the overall security of the citizens of Serbia and Republika Srpska," said Dacic. He said the award was "a sign of the need to continue strengthening our relations in the political sphere, because Serbia and Republika Srpska have a vital interest to develop their ties and be as close as possible."
Dacic added that organized crime and terrorism posed a common threat, especial radical Islamist movements such as Wahhabism, noting that the police of Bosnia Herzegovina and the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina should also get involved in the joint efforts, because targets were no longer confined to Western Europe and America alone, but had expanded to include the Western Balkan region.


KRALJEVO, April 28 (Tanjug) - The Turkish government will invest EUR 10 million in Morava Airport in Ladjevci near Kraljevo after Serbia's Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac and Turkish Ambassador Ali Riza Colak signed a donation agreement Saturday.
One part of the military airport in Ladjevci was converted into the civilian airport named Morava.
Minister said the conversion cost EUR 25 million and in addition to the Turkish donation, the funds were provided from the National Investment Plan budget, Belgrade Airport and the Air Traffic Control Agency.
"This is what people in this part of Serbia have wanted for decades, a project that many have promised but that we are bringing to life," said Sutanovac, noting that the defense system was getting a modernized airport which would be owned by the Ministry of Defense and the state of Serbia.
In the second stage, the runway at the civilian airport will be widened and lengthened to accommodate the largest aircraft which fly on international routes.
Sutanovac thanked the Turkish government, especially the Ministry of Defense on their cooperation and donation.
Ambassador Colak said Morava Airport would facilitate travel for people in this region and boost tourism and the overall economy in central Serbia.
This donation also shows the Turkish government believes cooperation with Serbia has a future. I am sure there will be many more investors from Turkey in the coming period, said Colak.



BELGRADE, April 29 (Tanjug) - Serbia's Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said Sunday it was a great success for Serbia that elections in Kosovo would be held under Serbian laws and with the help of OSCE, noting again there was information that Albanian extremists and paramilitary formations were threatening with incidents designed to disrupt the election.
Dacic told reporters that the alternative to the state electoral commission's decision to hold elections in Kosovo was to not hold them at all, which would be precisely what Pristina wanted.
According to information obtained by Serbian and foreign intelligence services, the Pristina government and some Albanian extremist groups which are not under the control of KFOR and EULEX are preparing operations aimed at disrupting the elections, he said.
These include physical attacks on polling stations, confiscation and burning of electoral material, "even arrests or attacks on people who sit on electoral committees," said the interior minister.
Dacic expressed belief there would be no incidents since the elections would be carried out with the help of OSCE. "Holding elections with the help of OSCE, under Serbian laws and in line with UN Security Resolution 1244, is a great success for us and perhaps the greatest achievement in these elections when it comes to Kosovo," he said after a police drill show dubbed Arena 2012.


WASHINGTON, April 28 (Tanjug) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved Saturday a 20month aid agreement for Kosovo Metohija amounting to EUR 106.6 million.
The funds are to help Pristina cope with fiscal pressure, the IMF seat said in Washington. By the approval of the credit line, the IMF Executive Board immediately enabled the initial disbursement of about EUR 5 million, the statement reads.