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Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Mrkic
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Ivan MrkicMr. Ivan Mrkic was born on 30 May 1953, Belgrade.

He graduated from the Belgrade University Law School in 1977 and joined the Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs the following year. After completing the United Nations Disarmament Fellowship (Geneva, Vienna, New York, Boston) in 1979, he served as Desk Officer in the Department for International Organizations of the Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs, 1979-1982.

He started working his diplomatic career up the ladder as Political Attaché in the SFRY Mission to the United Nations in New York, where he was assigned in 1982-1986.

As Assistant Head of a Department within the Sector for Multilateral Activities he participated in United Nations General Assembly sessions and was also on the delegations attending the International Conferences devoted to international security, disarmament, Non-Aligned Movement activities, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, chemical weapons ban, etc. Within a number of multilateral meetings that he attended, he was also member of delegation to the Ninth Conference of Non-Aligned Countries in Belgrade.

From 1990-1992 he served as Minister Counselor in the SFRY Mission to the European Community in Brussels and participated in the work of the Conference on the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague and Brussels.

Upon his return to Belgrade in 1992, he was appointed Chief of Cabinet of Mr. Dobrica Cosic, the first President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

He rejoined the Foreign Service as Chargé d'Affaires and later Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the Republic of Cyprus in Nicosia, where he served from 1993-1999. With the rank of an Ambassador, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Bilateral Affairs Sector in 1999 and then Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs the following year.

He was Ambassador in the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which later became MFA of Serbia and Montenegro, for the next three years and designated to the Group of Ambassadors charged with special and ad hoc assignments in the MFA of Serbia and Montenegro in 2004. He presided over the National Commission for the Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention during 2005.

He was Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Japan from 2006-2011.

Upon his return to Serbia, he was appointed State Secretary of the MFA of the Republic of Serbia.

Mr. Mrkic was sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs on 27 July 2012.

He speaks English and French.

He is married to Ivona, and has two sons, Mirko and Marko.