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Interview given by Minister Mrkić to "Kurir": Serbia is special in the eyes of Russia!
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Ivan MrkicIvan Mrkić, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that after the visit to Russia by the Serbian delegation, headed by President Tomislav Nikolic and Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, and its talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was confirmed that the relations between the two countries are at the highest level, which will become noticeable for Serbian citizens through a number of Russian investments. 

Mrkić claims that Western partners have no objections to our close relations with Moscow and that, with its successful diplomatic efforts, Belgrade has promoted its relations also with Washington and Brussels, due to which Serbia expects to be granted the date for starting its negotiations on EU membership on Vidovdan (28 June).

What are the results of the visit to Russia?
- I expect that everything agreed will be implemented. Very much has been agreed upon, and these meetings confirmed our assessment that the relations between Serbia and Russia have never been better.

Presidents of Serbia and Russia signed an agreement on strategic partnership. What is does such agreement mean to our country?
- It means a lot. Serbia enjoys a special status in the eyes of Russia and its relations with this country are excellent. This can be testified to by the non-tariff trade agreement between the two countries, which can be considered a privilege not enjoyed by many countries of this and other continents.

How do the Western partners, Washington and Brussels, see the rapprochement of Belgrade and Moscow?
- As something absolutely natural. Everyone would do the same if they were in our position.

How do you assess Serbia's relations with the countries in the region? With which countries are our relations best?
- Our relations are exceptionally good with all of them. Mutual confidence is being consolidated on a daily basis. Of primary importance are good joint projects beneficial to both us and our neighbours, rather than the problems that we had before! For obvious diplomatic reasons, I will not single out any country.

Do you expect Serbia to be granted the date for commencing its negotiations with the EU on Vidovdan?
- I do expect that.

After the initialing of the Brussels agreement, you announced diplomatic action aimed at preventing further recognition of Kosovo's UDI. How is this action proceeding?
- We have been working on this on a daily basis, and the fact that there have been no announced recognitions for over a month, tells enough about whether the action has been successful or not.

Have we been able to improve our relations with Germany and how was it manifested?
- It was manifested in every way that marks inter-state and economic relations, and I even think that the time will soon come when the German parliamentarians will have a better opinion of us.