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Gold Medal for Merit awarded to Prof. Dr. Rajko Dolecek
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dolocek300Prof. Dr. Rajko Dolecek was presented a Gold Medal for Merit by Ambassador M. Mitrovic as the Personal Representative of President T. Nikolić, who had decorated him for outstanding achievements in public and cultural activities, at a ceremony held in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Prague, on 12 July 2013.

In her address, the Ambassador recalled the details of Dr. Dolecek's biography and thanked him for many important activities through which he always expressed his commitment to the Serbian people, to whom he dedicated several of his works. Dr. Dolecek holds the Medal of St. Sava, 1st Class, awarded to him by the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church at the proposal of Patriarch Pavle in 1996, and also the Vuk Karadzic award as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award by the literary and cultural magazine "Zbilja".

Thanking for this acknowledgement, Dr. Dolecek emphasized that he was greatly honored by President Nikolic's gesture of awarding him Gold Medal for Merit. He also said that during his successful medical career in the Czech Republic he promoted the values and achievements of Serbia as his second homeland, and it became his main preoccupation from the moment when Serbia and the Serbian people were exposed to unprecedented pressure by the international community. He stressed his readiness, despite his advanced age, to dedicate his life to similar activities, to which he was bound by this valuable recognition awarded to him.

Representatives of public, cultural and media life from the CR, several members of Parliament, former Metropolitan Kristof of Czech Lands and Moravia and family members of Dr. Dolecek were among some twenty guests present at the ceremony.