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Escalation of violence in the Republic of Iraq
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MinistryWe have been following with great concern the escalation of violence in, and the suffering of innocent citizens of, friendly Iraq. The Republic of Serbia absolutely dismisses terrorism as a method of accomplishing politically, ethnically and religiously motivated goals or addressing outstanding issues.
We call upon all the parties to the Iraqi conflict to exercise restraint and cease hostilities, since we believe that a sustainable solution should be reached through dialogue conducted in the framework of the on-going process of all-national reconciliation.
The Republic of Serbia expresses its full solidarity with the Iraqi people with whom it is tied by decades of friendship and partnership, and strongly supports the Government of the Republic of Iraq in its fight against terrorism and violence. At the same time, it expresses its readiness to extend, within the limits of its possibilities, all the necessary assistance and support to the Iraqi Government to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq, as well as to establish lasting security and stability, ensuring the development of trade and economic prosperity of the Iraqi nation.
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