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Consular Assistance Offered to Serbian Nationals Residing in Ukraine
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Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Kyiv is constantly in contact with Serbian nationals staying in Ukraine.

According to the information available to the Embassy, around 130 Serbian nationals are currently staying in Ukraine.

Forty-seven Serbian students are studying at the Lugansk State Academy of Culture and the Arts. They are staying on the fenced university campus which is under constant security protection.

Having in mind that the academic year at this University will probably be shortened due to the latest developments in the south-east of Ukraine, it was initially envisaged that the first group of Serbian students should return to Serbia in the second half of April, and the others by mid-May.

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Kyiv will send its employees to Lugansk in order to assist students who wish to return to Serbia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Kyiv will continue to follow the situation and take necessary measures in order for all the Serbian nationals living in Ukraine to be protected and with the aim of providing appropriate assistance to them.
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