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Address of the OSCE CiO Dacic at the opening of OSCE Field Office in Drvar
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dacic -_oebs_drvarOSCE Chairperson-in-Office, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic attended today the opening ceremony of the OSCE Mission Field Office in Drvar.

Following is the address delivered by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office:

“Esteemed guests,

It is a great honour to be in Drvar today and to inaugurate the OSCE Field Office.

I come here as the Chairperson-in-Office of the OSCE and as a neighbour.

As Chairperson, my pledge to the Organization and to all of its participating States is to make sure that the core values of the OSCE are respected and upheld.

The OSCE has played an important role in the country and in supporting the Government's efforts to promote respect for human rights and Rule of Law.

Twenty years after Dayton, the OSCE Mission in BiH remains committed to empowering societies to be free of bias and conflict; societies that respect human rights. Preventing radicalisation is one of the priorities of our Chairmanship. We believe that education has a key role to play in this. We are also committed to supporting projects that facilitate sustainable return.

Access to social protection, healthcare and education are key to ensuring viable and sustainable returns. Education system can help promote dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect between communities and cultures.

I am encouraged to see that BiH, like Serbia, is committed to its EU accession path. Socio-economic reform is crucial for the future prosperity of the country and the wider region.

Countries of the region share a tumultuous history, similar present-day challenges and a common future. BiH is not alone in its efforts to achieve progress and development. It can look toward its neighbours for help and support and can contribute to the progress of the entire region.

The OSCE Mission has been actively engaged in supporting the relief and recovery efforts. In addition to the Field Offices, five temporary offices were opened in response to the crisis in an effort that was much appreciated by the affected citizens.

BiH is not just the host country of an OSCE Mission - it is itself an important participating State of the OSCE and an important partner of the Serbian Chairmanship. Your country celebrates 20 years of peace this year. In a period of
global instability, this is an important milestone and bodes well for the future.

The past should not be forgotten. We should draw lessons from it for the future. The best way to do this is by redoubling our efforts to achieve full respect for human rights as well as more stability and prosperity for all.

In the history of the former Yugoslavia, Drvar has had its special place. I am confident that Drvar will have its special place also in the future of BiH, as a bright symbol of reconciliation and progress.

The OSCE, with this new office, wants to support this progress and be your true partner on this path.

Thank you”.