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Dacic: “The Hague verdicts are extremely important for the future of Serbia”
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daiFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic has pointed out, once again, that Rasim Ljajic should not be inventing issues, for no one, including the Serbian Foreign Minister, has called for either support to or rehabilitation of Milosevic.

"Neither Mr. Ljajic nor his party have uttered a single word on the topic I am speaking about, this being the fact that neither Slobodan Milosevic nor Serbia has been affected by the verdict against Radovan Karadzic, and that the verdict clearly states that Serbia does not hold responsibility for either war crimes or the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that Serbia does not form part of a joint criminal enterprise, which, in The Hague, is synonymous with the collective responsibility of both the state and the people.

This is of historic importance for Serbia and the Serbian people. Instead of welcoming it, his party, as well, has embarked upon political attacks against the alleged rehabilitation of Milosevic, which nobody mentioned.

Besides, if I had wanted to seek his support to Milosevic, I would have done it when I named him Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, when I was at its helm, in 2012.

Support to either Milosevic or Izetbegovic is a matter of the past. I am speaking about the future of Serbia, for which the verdicts passed in The Hague bear substantial importance. And it is for this reason unfair to boil down to this issue of support to Milosevic, which no one has mentioned in the Serbian Government. What is the meaning of his statement that he will not be in the Government, if he has to meet the condition of supporting Milosevic? This is unfair to Aleksandar Vucic, on whose ticket he entered the Parliament.

Rasim, this is not about Milosevic, this is about Serbia.

As a man who was long in charge of cooperation with ICTY, he knows it best, but is suits him to recall his DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) politics, that only thrives on Milosevic.

Milosevic is the past, but DOS is the pluperfect, or, for the uninitiated, the ancient past."