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Lopandic CV
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Ambassador Dusko Lopandic

Born in 1957.
Married, three sons.



- Graduated from Law School, University of Belgrade, 1980
- Postgraduate studies (European Law and International Law) - Master's degree earned in 1981 at Paris I University (Sorbonne).
- PhD at the same University in Paris, 1984
- Also holds master's degrees in international law from Brussels University (VUB) and a bachelor's degree in sociology from Paris V University.

- Besides his mother tongue, Serbian speaks, reads and writes English and French; speaks and reads Portuguese; and has a working knowledge of Russian and Spanish.


1986 Joined the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs of the former SFRY.
1988-1994 SFRY/FRY Mission to the ЕC in Brussels (Attache, Diplomatic Secretary)
1997-2001 FRY Ministry of Foreign Trade
2001-2004 Director, Directorate for EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the FRY
2004- 2007 Assistant Trade Minister, Government of the Republic of Serbia
2007-2011 Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Portugal, also Ambassador
to Cape Verde on a non-resident basis.
August 2011 Assistant Foreign Minister for EU.

Academic and other activities

- Mr. Lopandic was associate of a number of research institutes (holds the title of research fellow). He gave lectures, as a visiting fellow, at many local and foreign educational institutions (universities).
- Published more than one hundred research paper and those on specialized subjects in the country and abroad, including books on such topics as the European Union, regional cooperation, etc. His book "Regional Initiatives in South Eastern Europe" was published in both Serbian and English.
- Received recognition by the European Movement in Serbia, as Contribution of the Year to Europe (2004).