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Bilateral Issues with Foreign Countries

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Governmental system: Federal presidential republic
Head of State: Jair Messias Bolsonaro
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ernesto Araújo
Date of establishing diplomatic relations: 1938

Political relations:


In June 2012, President T. Nikolić attended the international UN Conference on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, at the invitation of President D. Rousseff. During his meeting with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, A. Patriota the two sides confirmed their readiness for the further development of bilateral relations. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs I. Dačić attended the inauguration of President D. Rousseff, on January 1, 2011 (meetings with President D. Rousseff and Secretary General of Brazil's Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ruy Nogueira), and in June 2010 Dačić made a working visit to Brazil. The then MFA V. Jeremić stayed in Brazil for a working visit in April 2012. The previous visit by Jeremić to Brazil occurred in March 2008. Former MFA of Brazil C. Amorim visited Serbia in June 2010.

Economic relations:

In the period from January to September 2016, exports were EUR 5,850,000 and imports EUR 54,875,000. In the period from January to October 2015, exports were USD 5.96 million, and imports USD 68 million. In 2014, exports reached USD 9.9 million, and imports USD 101.5 million.
The value of trade in 2013 consisted of exports amounting to EUR 25.8 million, and imports to EUR 75.2 million.

Bilateral agreements

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