DAILY SURVEY 14.11.2017.
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BELGRADE, 13 November 2017 (Beta) - Serbia regards Russia as a true friend and intends to continue working on improving relations at every level, especially economic, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has said. In an interview with the Moscow Izvestia published on Nov. 13, he said that Serbia "is under strong pressure" from the West. "Truly, Serbia is under strong pressure. As for our region, in the West it is now popular to discuss two questions - one, Nis, and the other - why industrial zones are being built for Russian companies in Serbia," Dacic said in the interview. He said that he could not understand how a joint humanitarian center in Nis could be regarded as an intelligence hub, feared by everyone in the West. "The center in Nis is exclusively humanitarian, which it demonstrated in fire-fighting and during the floods. Moreover, the center is helping to remove landmines in Serbian territory: thousands of explosive devices left over from the NATO bombing have been found, including those containing enriched uranium," Dacic said. He said that during his visit to Moscow he said that "there is huge anti-Russian hysteria in the Western states" and that everything is being explained with "Russia wielding a large influence over our region." "They think that this influence is harmful, but we do not agree with that. Ultimately, what else can be made of the latest statement by U.S. diplomat Brian Hoyt Yee during his visit to Belgrade. What is that if not pressure?," Dacic said. Dacic added that Serbia is not interested in joining NATO nor any other military alliance and that it will continue to be militarily neutral.


BELGRADE, 13 November 2017 (Beta) - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met on Nov. 13 with Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, who is head of the NATO Military Liason Office in Belgrade. Vucic told Marinelli that Serbia was a militarily neutral state that would not enter any military alliances, the Presidency said in a statement. "As an independent and sovereign state, Serbia will cooperate with different alliances and states, including cultivating good relations with NATO, toward the goal of preserving peace, security and stability in the region," the Serbian president said. Vucic and Marinelli reviewed a series of concrete activities that should contribute to better understanding between Serbia and NATO, as well as the further concretization of cooperation in different areas, the statement said. The statement added that both officials said they expected that an up-coming visit by the Serbian president to NATO headquarters during which Vucic would meet with General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and participate in a NATO Council meeting, would confirm progress in political dialog and practical cooperation between Serbia and NATO.


BELGRADE, 13 November 2017 (Beta) - Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Djuric has said that Nov. 13, 2017 is the 1675th day that Pristina has done nothing to form a Community of Serb Municipalities, as envisaged by a treaty signed in Brussels. Djuric told reporters in the Palace of Serbia that he did not believe that Pristina was stalling in the formation of the Community of its own accord. "I have not seen a single measure that Pristina has applied or has failed to apply that did not involve the tacit or implicit consent of the international community," he said. According to Djuric, this stance is based on six years of work and 236 meetings with representatives of Pristina. He also said that a decision by the Pristina judiciary to hold repeat elections in Partes was pressure on the Serb Ticket. On Nov. 13, Djuric also attended a round table on the theme of the so-called "internal dialog on Kosovo and Metohija."