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Exhibition “Tesla’s Wonderful World of Electricity” opens in New York
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Nikola-Tesla-07-620x350Exhibition "Tesla's Wonderful World of Electricity" opened in the beautiful "Hall of Science" in Queens, organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in New York, in cooperation with "Nikola Tesla" Museum of Belgrade, marking the birthday of the famous scientist. This, undoubtedly, largest major event in the world honouring Nikola Tesla in his birthday anniversary year was a grand success. The event introduced with the tunes of the anthems of the Republic of Serbia and the United States captured the attention of numerous visitors by its low-profile nature. Organizers of the exhibition addressed the attendants including the representatives of cultural and public life, admirers of Tesla's work and members of the Serbian diaspora. In her introductory remarks, Mirjana Zivkovic, Consul General of R. Serbia in New York, thanked the Republic of Serbia – City of Belgrade, as well as the hosts, "Hall of Science" representatives, who made it possible for Nikola Tesla to revisit New York, symbolically, 70 years on. She reminded the audience that Nikola Tesla was proud of his Serbian roots. Her gratitude also went to all those who worked on cherishing the personage and work of Nikola Tesla in the US. Accordingly, she presented suitable gifts – albums, provided by the Serbian Medical Society, to Nikola Loncar, President of Tesla Science Foundation; Dr. Ljuba Vujovic, President of the Tesla Memorial Society and Jane Alcorn, President of Tesla Science Centre at Wardenclyffe. HRH Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic attended the event together with Princess Katarina, underlining that the Karadjordjevic family and he personally were proud of the fact that his father King Petar II Karadjordjevic met with the great scientist in New York, way back in 1942.
He drew attention to the fact that numerous young scientists of Serbian origin live in the US today and hold prominent positions in the IT sector. Dr. Margaret Honey, President of the "Hall of Science", in her capacity as the host, underlined that the institution which she represented was honoured by the opportunity to showcase the work of such a great scientist like Nikola Tesla. The exhibition will remain open until 20 October 2013 and will enable many young people, visiting the "Hall of Science" on a daily basis, to familiarize themselves with the work of Nikola Tesla and understand the significance of his inventions. She commended the exhibition per se, which has made it possible for visitors to acquaint themselves interactively with Tesla's works.
Jane Alcorn, President of Tesla Science Centre at Wardenclyffe recalled that, in no less than six weeks time, the Centre managed to raise donations in the amount of 1.3 million dollars from people coming from 130 different countries, whereby it was possible to acquire Tesla's laboratory at Long Island, thus preventing its total dilapidation. She also noted that this success was not achieved overnight, but that the Science Centre had been working on the project for 18 years and that further investments were needed to preserve the unique laboratory and present it to the public in an appropriate way.
The attending guests were addressed also by Mr. Vladimir Jelenkovic, Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, who recalled the inventions of the renowned visionary who was ahead of his time and his contemporaries.
The event was attended by more than 200 invitees, including in particular HRH Prince Aleksandar and HRH Princess Katarina. The event was also attended by Thomas Gallo, Regional Director, State Department Office of Foreign Missions; H.E. Michel Spinellis, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the United Nations; Koula Sophianou, Consul General of R. Cyprus in New York; Zoran Jankovic, Consul General of R. Montenegro in New York and Ms. Marina Rogina, Geran Consul of R. Croatia in New York.
The plentitude of guests expressed their satisfaction to the organizers, commending the event's excellent organization worthy of Nikola Tesla's grandeur.
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