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Tokyo: Photographic and sculpture exhibition “Life and Death”
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Tokio 2042017Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo hosted an exhibition by young women artists from Serbia and Japan entitled "Life and Death – an exhibition of Serbian and Japanese contemporary art". The exhibition, held on the premises of the Embassy from 20-28 April 2017, presented sculptures by and video footage of sculptor Ms. Jovana Tucovic's creative process, as well as photographs by Ms. Akiko Koga.

Owing to the efforts by artist Akiko Koga, who has for a number of years worked on the promotion of cultural cooperation between Serbia and Japan, as well as good media promotion, more than 400 people visited the Serbian Embassy during the exhibition, a large number of whom got acquainted with details about Serbia for the first time, while many expressed interest in visiting our country as tourists in the coming period.

Kyodo News agency, including numerous dailies and culture magazines, reported on the exhibition.

The cultural event was sponsored by Waseda University Professor Yuji Hasemi's "Hasemi Lab", Japanese company "Harraca", while "Steps Gallery" from Tokyo contributed to designing and organizing the exhibition.
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