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Washington D.C.: “Exploring Balkan Food”
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Vasington 7520171In cooperation with the Department for the promotion of culture at the "Smithsonian Associates", U.S. cultural institution ("the Smithsonian"), the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia hosted an evening titled "Exploring Balkan Food" at "Ambar" Balkan cuisine restaurant.

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Djerdj Matkovic and E. Wickley, on behalf of the Smithsonian, first welcomed the guests, members of the Smithsonian, who then had an opportunity to taste specialties from the Balkans. Representing the Serbian Embassy, Ms. Ivana Mangov held a one-hour presentation entitled "Food Culture in Serbia", and informed about the development of food culture and dietary habits in Serbia from the Middle Ages until today, as well as its various influences from the Byzantine Empire, the East and West.

Underlining cultural diversity, two folk costumes from the collection of Ms. Biljana Regan were presented to the guests – a village costume from Macva region and an urban costume from Vranje, both original models dating back to the late 19th or early 20th centuries.

The presentation of Serbian food culture was estimated as a highly successful thematic selection, by both the guests and the Smithsonian.

The project was initiated by the Serbian Embassy, offering a possibility for preparing every year an activity about the culture of Serbia and the region, in cooperation with the Smithsonian Associates.

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