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Stockholm: 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden
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exhibitionThe 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden was marked on 1 November by staging an exhibition at the gallery of Radovan Korac, an artist of Serbian descent. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Sweden Dragan Momcilovic.

Historian Dusko Topalovic spoke about the development of the bilateral diplomatic relations, from the Swedish recognition of the Kingdom of Serbia in 1882 to the collaboration of the two countries in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, when a Swedish medical team was engaged in military hospitals of Belgrade. This presentation particularly highlighted the role of Sweden in World War I, when the Swedish Legation in Istanbul helped save the lives of several thousands of Serbian prisoners-of-war, who were held in labour camps in Turkey.

"The bilateral relations further developed through the appointment of honorary consuls in Sweden and Belgrade until Secretary of the Serbian Legation Bogoljub Jevtic arrived in Stockholm, on 1 November 1917, and established, on the premises of his own residence, the first diplomatic representation of Serbia to Sweden," Topalovic accounted.

Historian Miladin Milosevic spoke about the role of Milan Rakic, a diplomat and poet, the first Serbian envoy in Stockholm, and other diplomats-writers, who were in the diplomatic service in between the two World Wars, including Ivo Andric, Jovan Ducic and Rastko Petrovic.