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Sofia: Bulgarian edition of the book “The Serbs among the nations of Europe”
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altThe history themed book entitled "The Serbs among the nations of Europe", having been translated to Bulgarian, was presented on the premises of the Serbian Embassy in Sofia on 13 December. In the book, author Sima Cirkovic arranged the events chronologically, from the 8th to 20th centuries, and included black-and-white illustrations, historical maps, old geographical maps, bibliography and an index listing names and events. Bulgarian critics described the book as a "brilliant synthesis of classical historiography and historical philosophy".

This edition of the book was presented before the audiences at the Embassy by Srdjan Pirivatric, a research associate at the Institute for Byzantine Studies, SASA, who also appeared on Bulgarian national television show Panorama, promoting the book. On the same show, writer Goran Petrovic spoke about the historical ties between Serbs and Bulgarians.