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Grasshopper: Consul Petrović presented the teaching literature to primary school
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altSerbia's Consul General in Rijeka, Mr. Goran Petrovic, visited the "Skakavac" primary school in the place having the same name, near Karlovac, where supplementary school classes in the Serbian language and Cyrillic script are being held, and donated additional teaching literature provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

Nada Đurić-Plećaš, Serbian language teacher, schoolchildren of Serbian nationality Branko Manojlović, Nina Malobabić, Anđela Savović, Ratko Škaljac and Jovana Savović, as well as Consul Vladimir Marjanović, attended the school's reception.
Consul General Goran Petrović said that Serbia was interested in exercising the rights of the Serb minority in Croatia, in line with the positive regulations and agreements of the two countries, as well as in maintaining Serbian classes in Serb-inhabited areas. The Consulate General would, he added, continue to make efforts to provide additional teaching literature and keeping in touch with Serbia. He wished students to travel to the mother country as often as possible, as well as a successful school year.

Teacher Nada Đurić-Plećaš said that donations from Serbia and visits to primary schools were of great importance in encouraging children to continue learning Serbian and Cyrillic script. She asked for the delivery of geographic maps of Serbia, publications and brochures in the field of geography, in order to make students more familiar with their country of origin.

The Serbian classes in this school have been conducted since the school year 2010/2011, attended by five students. The school also hosts the teaching of Orthodox religion attended by ten students. The "Skakavac" primary school was reconstructed and renovated after it was demolished in the war of 1991-1995, with 92 students attending, of which 30 are children of Serbian nationality.