Moscow: Book "Branislav Nusic" by Dmitry Zhukov at the Embassy of Serbia
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altBook "Branislav Nusic" by Dmitry Zhukov was presented at the Embassy of Serbia in Moscow. This was a second reprint of the book on the initiative of Ambassador Slavenko Terzic with the financial backing of Ekspobank JSC Belgrade.

The speakers at the book launch included Irina Zhukova, widow of Dmitry Zhukov, Vladimir Mehryakov, Executive Director of Expobank JSC Belgrade and Yuriy Polyakov, a writer, dramatist, a longtime editor-in-chief of "Literaturnaya Gazeta" magazine and a member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art. A segment of a documentary on Dmitry Zhukov was also screened, in which the author's contemporaries spoke of this fruitful Soviet and Russian writer and translator, including Ambassador Slavenko Terzic.

Ambassador Terzic extended special thanks to the management of the bank which financed this book important for our overall bilateral cooperation. He stressed that in this book Zhukov managed to accurately portray the society and spirit of the time in which Nusic wrote his books. He pointed to the "phenomenon of power" which the Serbian author, comedy playwiright and diplomat depicted, a phenomenon that seems to be very much in evidence in all societies.


The participants particularly emphasized the author's love for Serbia and interest in the life and work of Branislav Nusic. His dedication, friendship with Nusic's daughter and visits to towns and places where our writer lived and worked made this book the best biography of this outstanding author.
Writer Yuriy Polyakov pointed out that Nusic was the most popular Serbian comedy writer in the USSR and Russia from whom many Russian writers learned their craft while his plays are still performed in Russian theatres.