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Friday, 18 January 2019. PDF Print E-mail
New Delhi: Serbia as an exporter of organic fruit in Agriculture Today magazine
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altIndian magazine "Agriculture Today" published in its Agriculture Year Book 2018 a feature written by Serbian Ambassador Vladimir Maric about the agricultural potential of Serbia, organic food and fruit production.

The article underlined that the geographic location of our country and favourable agro-ecological and climatic conditions, coupled with the introduction of latest technologies and a broad base of fruit varieties, contributed to Serbia becoming one of the leading apple and raspberry growers in Europe.

"On the global level, Serbia takes 12th place in the world based on the total land area under apple fruit. The agro-ecological conditions of Serbia enable growth of raspberries of top quality and provide higher yields per unit area. Serbian raspberries are generally more aromatic and contain a higher percentage of sugar, due to the country's unique climate conditions", wrote the Ambassador.

Furthermore, he stressed that, with its natural potential resulting from the physical, chemical and biological properties of the land, the Republic of Serbia was also among countries where organic production was successfully expanding, and that the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture had developed a special programme of measures focusing on the strengthening of organic production.