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DAILY SURVEY 03.05.2017.
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MALTA, 28 April 2017 (Beta) – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said in Malta, on April 28 that the capital asset that Serbia had at this time was political stability. Dacic participated in an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers and candidate states in Malta on April 28, while the meeting was presided over by EU foreign policy and security chief Federica Mogherini and Maltese Foreign Minister George Vella. "In that context, I stressed that the victory of the prime minister Aleksandar Vucic in the presidential elections contributes to this political stability and that the new government will continue to be devoted to membership in the EU and to building peace, security and stability in the region," Dacic was quoted as saying by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dacic said that the ongoing events in Macedonia could not be regarded as an isolated case, that they were a consequence of various statements supporting certain projects which could cause instability, and added that Serbia was exposed to such moves too. "I refer to the announcements that keep coming from Tirana, Pristina, Bujanovac and spill over into other countries like Macedonia, ideas about creating a Greater Albania and the unification of all Albanians. Here I asked what the reaction would be if I mentioned the idea of unifying all Serbs in a single state and whether this would be passed over in silence," he said.


Belgrade, 28 April 2017 (Beta) – On April 28 Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic invited Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit Serbia and voiced a desire for improving relations between Serbia and Turkey, the cabinet has said in a press release. Vucic invited Erdogan during "friendly talks" at a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to Serbia Tanju Bilgic, a statement from the media office said. Vucic conveyed deep gratitude to Turkish companies investing in Serbia and especially their aid in difficult times. During the meeting, the participants also discussed the activities of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, and Vucic stressed that, as the prime minister he gave his full support to different agency projects, such as renovating the building of the Higher Court in Novi Pazar and reconstructing the Zvecanska Street maternity ward in Belgrade. "We would like to attract an even higher number of Turkish investors and are organizing meetings with business people in Turkey for the purpose of building up the trust of those already doing business in our country as well as raising the volume of economic cooperation," Vucic said. Ambassador Bilgic stressed that good relations with Serbia were necessary as it was a key country for peace and stability in the Balkans. He announced the arrival of new entrepreneurs from his country, who are ready to expand their business in some of Serbia's cities.


BELGRADE, 1 May 2017 (Beta) – Serbian Defense Minister Zoran Djordjevic said on May 1 during a tour of joint army and police forces on the border with Macedonia that the security situation was stable and that there were no indications that the safety and property of citizens were in jeopardy. "The security situation is stable and currently there are no indications that the safety and property of our citizens are under threat, which does not mean that the army, police and other security services are not monitoring the situation. We are constantly following the situation and in accordance with that adapting the engagement of our forces," Djordjevic said after the visit. The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that Djordjevic visited the forces on the border with Macedonia on May 1 alongside deputy commander of the joint operative command of army headquarters, Gen. Slavoljub Janicijevic. At the Cakanovac facility, Joint Army and Police Forces commander Gen. Dejan Jankovic informed the minister of defense that the situation in all sectors in the forces' zone of responsibility was normal and that all tasks were being performed successfully. According to him, since starting, the Joint Forces successfully stopped over 21,000 migrants from illegally crossing the border and arrested 140 smugglers. After touring the state border with Macedonia, Minister Djordjevic and his associates paid an unannounced visit to Serbian army members in Base South.


BELGRADE, 1 May 2017 (Beta) – In honor of Victory against Fascism Day, May 9, the Russian Embassy in Belgrade will organize a march called "The Immortal Regiment." A May 1 statement from the embassy said that the march would start at the Cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade, then proceed to the memorial to Vuk Karadzic, and thence, via the Boulevard of King Aleksandar, to City Hall, where a concert is planned at 11:45 a.m. The concert will feature the Serbian Defense Ministry's music ensemble "Stanislav Binicki," Russian musicians Lidia Muzaleva and Ludmila Gros Popovic, the Circle of the Sun folk music ensemble of the Philharmonic Orchestra from Vologda, the Russian Center's choir as well students from the School for Music and the School for Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. The Russian Embassy will also celebrate Victory Day with a first screening of a film called "Panfilov's 28 Men" on the bravery of Soviet soldiers in 1941.


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