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DAILY SURVEY 04.08.2017.
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BELGRADE, 3 August 2017 (Beta) – Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency member MladenIvanic agreed in Belgrade, on Aug. 3 that goodrelations between Serbs and Bosniaks wereimportant for preserving peace and stability in theregion, and that good neighborly relations betweenthe two countries were in the interest of the Serbpeople in Republika Srpska and all of Bosnia.According to a press release from the president'soffice, Vucic and Ivanic discussed the situation in theregion, political and economic relations betweenSerbia and Bosnia and the geopolitical landscape.The Serbian president said good relations betweenSerbs and Bosniaks were essential to preservingpeace and stability in the region, but also to theeconomic progress of the Western Balkans.Vucic and Ivanic also considered the position ofSerbs in Bosnia and the entire Serb people in theWestern Balkans, the press release noted.Ivanic said good neighborly relations between Serbiaand Bosnia were important and in the interest of theSerb people in Republika Srpska and Bosnia.


BELGRADE, 3 August 2017 (Beta) – Serbian Minister of EU Integration Jadranka Joksimovic said on Aug. 3 that she expected Serbia to open three chapters in its process of becoming a member of the European Union before the year was out. "I expect that we will open about three more chapters that we are completely ready for: company law, budget and financial provisions and international economic relations. It's an important set of economic chapters," Joksimovic told Pink TV. She also called naive the notion that Serbia would become an EU member if it recognized Kosovo as independent. "That isn't true. That's a naive way of thinking... Those are naive notions that are useful to those who may not wish us success in the process to misrepresent reality. The process of EU admission means reforms," Joksimovic said. She also recalled that Serbia was a candidate for membership, not a member, and stressed that it was mortifying to be presented as a country that would be the "Trojan horse of Russian interests in the EU." "That can't happen for our own sake. We shouldn't be the promoter of anyone's interests but our own," the minister said.


BELGRADE, 3 August 2017 (Beta) – Serbian Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Minister Zoran Djordjevic on Aug. 3 met with Hungarian Ambassador to Belgrade Attila Pinter and discussed the migrant crisis. Djordjevic said it was necessary to promote the joint approach to "mitigating the consequences of the migrant crisis and solving the issue of migrants residing in the territory of Serbia and Hungary as any consequences could affect the current stability of the region." He stressed that Serbia would continue to be responsible and humane to the migrant population, while at the same time protecting the interests of its citizens, the Ministry said in a press release. The officials agreed that cooperation in labor, employment, veterans' and social affairs was developed and agreed that there was room to improve it, the statement read. Pinter said Hungary was happy with its bilateral relations with Serbia and reiterated that his state fully supported Serbia's EU integration and reform processes.


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