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DAILY SURVEY 06.06.2018.
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BELGRADE, 5 June 2018 (Beta) - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on June 5 that the sole objective of the authorities in Pristina was to take over the north of the territory "in whatever way possible." "That is the essence. They know that there are no Serbs in Stimlje, in Suva Reka, that there are 300 in Orahovac and around 400 in Velika Hoca. Their only goal is to take over the north of Kosovo, so that they can physically take Gazivode. I told representatives of the international community, and them, too a million times that that will not pass and I will repeat this as many times more," Vucic told reporters in Belgrade. Vucic said that the law on Trepca "is on the table again," and that everything that Pristina was doing had to do with the north of Kosovo. "All of it, like the intimidating harassment of Marko Djuric, has to do only with bringing their troops to northern Kosovo. This is their only dream. According to our agreement with NATO, they do not have the right to enter the north with their security forces without the consent of local Serbs and NATO's permission, but despite that they have twice already intruded upon the north with heavy weaponry under false pretenses," Vucic said. He said that Kosovo's Albanians were growing increasingly nervous, because, he said, they think they have the right to take over the north "according to the right given to them by the Americans and others, who bombed Serbia." Commenting on Ramush Haradinaj's statement that the Community of Serb Municipalities would not be formed until the question of energy was solved, Vucic said that there was no agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on energy. "The obligation from Brussels is to continue talks on energy and the Telekom, and in the meantime we achieved an agreement on the Telekom and it was carried out. Energy can be discussed last, but first fulfill the Brussels agreement," he said.


BELGRADE, 5 June 2018 (Beta) - Director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric met with a Tanzanian delegation during a June 5 visit to Moscow, appealing to the authorities in the eastern African state to reconsider an earlier decision to recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo. In a press release issued by his office, Djuric was quoted as giving the delegation, headed by Gen. Simon Mumwi, a number of international legal and political arguments behind the appeal. Sharing the expectation that bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Tanzania would be raised to the top political level, Djuric referred to a long history of cooperation and friendship, underlining shared interest in restoring the high-quality relationship the two states once had. This was one of Djuric's fringe meetings during the conference "Development of Parliamentarism." The Serbian government official also met with South Sudan's delegates, thanking them for their country's consistent support to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia. The summit in Moscow, attended by more than 80 delegations, was an opportunity to exchange opinions with different states, and to promote Serbia's view of the Kosovo and Metohija issue.



BELGRADE, 5 June 2018 (Beta) - President of China's SINO-RS Jin Frank Li presented in Belgrade, on June 5, the idea of setting up an investment fund to finance projects in Serbia's sectors of transportation, energy, telecommunications, agriculture and construction. The projects would be carried out with the support of the Shanghai stock exchange, he said at the meeting with members of the National Council for Cooperation with Russia and China. The presentation was attended by the president of the Council, Tomislav Nikolic, Serbian Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic, Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic, and representatives of Serbia's finance and agriculture ministries. Jin Frank Li underlined that Serbia was a friendly state, and one of the instrumental actors in running the global Chinese Belt and Road initiative, the Council said in a press release. The president and members of the National Council welcomed the idea of running the projects in collaboration with China through public private partnership, instead of classic types of borrowing. One of the conclusions was that, for the realization of projects in Serbia in collaboration with the Chinese partners, based on the investment fund, it was necessary to take into account Serbian legislation. Another important point was that such projects required the support of both states. The agreement was that the ministries should produce a financially efficient and most realistic pilot project to serve as a model for other projects to be carried out together with the Chinese partners.


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