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Wednesday, 28 February 2018. PDF Print E-mail
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Dacic, Alfano and BushatiFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met today with Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano and Albania Ditmir Bushati.

At the trilateral meeting, the Foreign Ministers of Serbia, Italy and Albania discussed the promotion of relations, regional cooperation, EU integration and economic projects that could promote additional ties among the three countries.

At a press conference, the Serbian Foreign Minister said that strategic partnership with Italy was very important to Serbia as well as deepening cooperation with Albania. He emphasized in particular that Italy was one of the greatest proponents of EU enlargement.

"We are committed to further promotion of our cooperation both through high-level visits or exploring various interests in many fields, such as infrastructure projects and regional cooperation."

Minister Dacic pointed out that "today many concrete ideas were circulated" and that they agreed to organize meetings in the forthcoming period that would include non-governmental sector and business people, and to undertake concrete steps to exchange students."

"We share a lot of economic interests. Italy is one of our major economic partners", the Serbian Foreign Minister said, expressing great pleasure with today's meeting in Belgrade which he defined as "very important and significant format for closer cooperation".

Minister Dacic said at today's press conference that the next trilateral meeting would probably be held in Italy.

Minister Alfano emphasized today that Italy supported Belgrade and Tirana on the path to EU integration.

"The process of EU integration should continue. We have always maintained that we should have an ambitious enlargement plan".

The Italian Foreign Minister said that he was "very happy for the opportunity to be" in Belgrade and "reinforce cooperation and dialogue among countries".

Minister Bushati thanked Minister Dacic for his welcome and organization of the trilateral meeting.

"It is in our interest to expand the scope of trilateral issues. We have addressed EU integration processes and the EU strategy for the Western Balkans. Now it is up to us to do the job", Minister Bushati said. He added that they discussed the progress of the region within the Berlin process, EU events in 2018 and the forthcoming summit in London as well as that they identified several cooperation proposals with the civil sector.