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Ministers Dacic, Crnadak condemn the decision by Pristina authorities to impose tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Ivica Dacic and Igor CrnadakFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met today in Belgrade with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Crnadak.

In the context of Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina bilateral relations, Minister Dacic said that Serbia wanted a stable BiH and good relations with it while seeking to identify common interests, whereas Minister Crnadak assessed that it was "clear that both in BiH and Serbia an orientation prevailed towards the development and an increasing quality of relations".

The Foreign Ministers of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina condemned today the decision by Pristina authorities to impose customs duties on goods originating from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as a demonstration of a "hostile attitude" of so-called Kosovo against these two countries.

At a joint press conference, Minister Dacic said that it was pointless to talk about regional cooperation, as long as this decision was in effect.

He said that his talks with Minister Crnadak focused mostly on current regional issues and problems and primarily on the "senseless and unreasonable decisions made by the Pristina authorities". "This cannot even be defined either as an economic or as a political measure, this is a clear message of a hostile attitude towards Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina", said Minister Dacic.

He said that this was a flagrant violation of the CEFTA Agreement and of so-called "Kosovo's" Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA). "Their SAA says they have an obligation to adhere to the CEFTA Agreement", Minister Dacic said.
The Serbian Foreign Minister also said that he strongly condemned statements by Albanian officials where "the politics of the Greater Albania is evident".

"It is clear that Pristina fails to implement the Brussels Agreement", Minister Dacic said, adding that there was no clear intention of so-called "Kosovo" to come to agreement with Serbia. He said that there was no point talking any further about regional cooperation, since it also implied a common economic area.

"Is there a point any longer?", Minister Dacic asked and added that he would call on everyone in the Western Balkans to declare their position on the adherence to the principle of regional cooperation".

"Serbia is not ready to part of this farce and will not discuss anything else as long as these measures remain in effect", stressed the Serbian Foreign Minister.

Minister Crnadak said that the meeting with Minister Dacic in Belgrade largely focused on the tariffs imposed on goods from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.
"The tariffs have sent a hostile message", said Minister Crnadak.

He added that Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina agreed that these measures were inadmissible, but that they would not opt for countermeasures and "bring about further deterioration of the atmosphere".

Ministers Dacic and Crnadak welcomed the statements coming from Brussels and the U.S. on the decision of Pristina, but they pointed out that these "statements have had no effect so far". Minister Crnadak said this was not only an attack on the regional economy and foreign trade, but something much worse since "it appeared as if Pristina was deliberately causing disorder".