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Sofia: East Serbia tourist offer presentation PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 July 2015.
Sofija prezentac.turist.ponude_Istocne_SrbijeThe Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Sofia organized on its premises a presentation of East Serbia's tourist offer, at the initiative of Eastern Serbia Regional Development Agency. The presentation was attended by representatives of ten travel agencies from Bulgaria and tour operators arranging visits of tourists from the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, who have expressed a great interest in touring this region, including Eastern Serbia.
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Athens: “Serbia in the Great War” film premiere PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 June 2015.
The premiere of the live-action documentary titled “Serbia in the Great War” was screened at the movie theatre of “Michael Cacoyannis Foundation” in Athens, co-hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Athens, and the Greek-Serbian Business Council. This cultural event was opened by the introductory remarks of the Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Serbian Embassy in Athens B. Lazarevic and history professor N. Papastratigakis from the University of Athens, while the Mayor of Corfu K. Nikolouzos and the film authoress S. Zaric addressed the attendees after the screening. Those present were many guests, including the Greek MFA Secretary-General, Ambassadors from a large number of countries, Defence Attaches of the United States and Albania, Serbia's honorary consul in Corfu, representatives of all three General Staffs of Greece, MFA, Ministry of Culture, Serbian Diaspora and numerous media representatives. The film was met with the guests' positive reactions, and with the comments that one of the most significant periods from modern world history was portrayed from various angles in an unbiased and informative way.
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Podgorica: Promotion of a voluminous edition on WWI PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 June 2015.
edicija veliki_ratfotoThe promotion of a voluminous edition on the Great War, issued by the publisher “Prometej” and the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS), was held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Podgorica, and organized by the “Matica srpska” Members' Society in Montenegro. President of the Montenegrin “Matica srpska” Members' Society Professor Drago Perovic, the founder and owner of the publishing house “Prometej” Zoran Kolundzija, and the historian Zarko Lekovic spoke at the promotion.
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Athens: Decorations awarded to Mikis Theodorakis and Liana Kanelli PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 June 2015.
Atina fotografijaThe presentation of decorations bestowed by the President of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic upon Mikis Theodorakis (gold medal) and Liana Kanelli (silver medal) for their exceptional merits in public and cultural activities, was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Athens. The event was also attended by prominent representatives from public, cultural and political life of Greece, including the Serbian Diaspora, and numerous representatives of the Greek media.
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Warsaw: Exhibition of posters of engaged and theatrical art PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 June 2015.
varsava.jpg 1A poster exhibition of engaged and theatrical art of Serbian and Polish artists “Culturalism, new art and contexts” opened at KrulevskyPalace in Warsaw, on 1 June 2015, under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Warsaw and Warsaw University. Addressing the audience, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Radojko Bogojevic underlined the importance of the exhibition as an opportunity for presenting the Serbian artistic and cultural scene, and bringing it to the attention of the Polish public, since there were many common denominators connecting the works of Serbian and Polish artists. This cultural event was attended by many representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, diplomatic corps, Warsaw University and Serbian diaspora.
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London: Documentary film „Serbia in the Great War” PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 June 2015.
The documentary film by the author Sladjana Zaric, titled “Serbia in the Great War”, was presented on 2 June, at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in London. This cultural event was realized in cooperation of the Serbian Embassy with the crew of the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS). In his opening remarks for the evening, Ambassador Ognjen Pribicevic expressed his delight that London was the place of the film’s first screening outside Serbia. In addition to numerous guests, representatives of the diplomatic corps and Serbian diaspora, and historian Milos Kovic, the screening of the film was also attended by Sir Thomas Troubridge, the grandson of Admiral Ernest Troubridge, whose role in the Serbian Army during World War I and contribution to the defence of Belgrade are to be featured in the forthcoming RTS documentary “Serbs in Corfu Island”.
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