Gratitude to Austria for its continuous support to Serbia's European integration

16. Jul 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, talked with the President of the Federal Council of the Austrian Federal Parliament, Peter Raggl.

Selaković stated that the relations between Serbia and Austria are very good and that they are characterized by frequent contacts at all levels.

He said that intensive political dialogue and meetings of officials are a good basis for further improvement of all types of cooperation.

Speaking about parliamentary cooperation, the head of Serbian diplomacy expressed satisfaction with the recent meeting between the presidents of the two parliaments and the fact that the inter-parliamentary dialogue is conducted through parliamentary friendship groups. He especially pointed out that friendship groups are an important instrument and offer great potential for cooperation, having in mind the size of our diaspora.

Selaković pointed out that membership in the European Union is a priority of our foreign policy and our strategic commitment, and thanked Austria for its continuous support, both at the highest political level and through numerous training programs and development assistance.

The Minister said that Serbia is determined to continue open cooperation with the European Commission and said that the dynamics of accession negotiations should be more in line with our reform efforts, and that we hope for the opening of the cluster soon.

The Minister emphasized that regional cooperation is one of the foreign policy priorities of our country, as well as that closer connections in the region of the Western Balkans encourage the overall development and well-being of all citizens.

According to the Minister, Serbia has demonstrated its commitment to improving regional cooperation by showing solidarity with its neighbors by sending vaccine shipments and enabling the vaccination in Serbia.

When it comes to the fight against the corona virus, Selaković expressed hope that, thanks to the efforts that both countries are making in terms of prevention and immunization of the population, they will soon be able to deal with all the consequences.