Selaković: Stability and security in the region is one of Serbia's priorities

16. Jul 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, met today in Vienna with the Federal Minister of the Interior of Austria, Karl Nehammer.

Selaković thanked his interlocutor for the consistent support that Austria provides to Serbia in terms of European integration.

Also, Selaković pointed out the very good economic relations and pointed out that Austria is one of the most important partners in the field of economy for us.

Selaković said that our country is a reliable partner of Austria in police cooperation, and referred to the successful visit of Minister Nehammer to Belgrade, during which the Agreement between the Government of Serbia and the Austrian Federal Government on cooperation in the field of disaster protection was signed.

As he pointed out, our countries have numerous common interests that are realized precisely through the cooperation of the ministries of the interior.

Selaković emphasized that stability and security in the region is one of Serbia's priorities, which we show every day by engaging in the political, social and economic plan, as well as by participating in multilateral forums.

Selaković underlined that Serbia is determined to cooperate with European partners on the permanent solution to the problem of irregular migration and the fight against terrorism.

He added that Serbia is recognized by the EU as a reliable and principled partner in the fight against irregular migration, and said that European countries, in facing this challenge, should not only protect their market, but also their culture.